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Physical Address in Panamá for Corporations

Owning an IBC (International Business Company) is one of the smartest ways to make money nowadays and Panamá offers one of the most competitive and attractive IBC’s advantages in the World. Hundreds of thousands of companies start operating from Panamá every year, and having a Physical or Local address is essential to their operations. Ofezi.com has more than 3000 satisfied clients already taking advantages of our corporate services. (Prices)

Ofezi.com provides a physical address in panama for offshore corporations with mail forwarding services to suit your corporation’s needs.Many clients do not have a physical address other than their home offices; others want to establish a Panama presence. Our service provides you with a Panama mailing address to accept your business letter mail and couriers.

physical address in panama for offshore corporations

pricing physical address in panama for offshore corporations


  • Weekly Forwards: All incoming business mail is collected, placed into a single envelope, and forwarded the same day, next business day, or at the end of the business week, depending on the service you select.
  • Scan to Email Forwarding (Open & Scan): 
We offer you the option to have your mail scanned and emailed to you, rather than physically mailing it to you.
  • E-mail notification: For a small charge we will notify you via email once we get any mail for you.
  • Junk Mail Removal: We remove and destroy all junk mail received, saving you time and money.
  • Unlimited Address Updates: 
If your address changes at any time, you may update it with us at no additional charge.
  • Incoming Couriers Are Accepted: 
Unlike most mail forwarding services, we accept and sign for any letters received by courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • No Lengthy Forms: There is no requirement for you to fill out lengthy forms.
  • Flexible Options: We offer affordable and flexible options to meet your needs based on your incoming mail.Panama Physical Address
  • Privacy: We have very strict privacy policy, we respect your business 100% and we are also open to sign any confidential agreement.

Ofezi is the number one Physical Panamá Address provider for Offshore Corporations … we simply have no match!




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